10 Ways To Get More Followers On Instagram

get more instagram followers
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Instagram can be a huge asset to any business, organization or individual trying to grow their brand. There are millions of people interacting on a daily basis that do nothing but look at images and comment on them. As time goes by more and more brands are creating accounts on Instagram. One of the greatest parts about creating an account on Instagram is the way you communicate to your followers. Through images you can create a relationship with your followers and show them that the brand or company they are following has a personality and real people are behind it.

If you have yet to start an account on Instagram I advice you to. Even if it isn’t for work per se, it is still a great place to share with friends and family about your daily life. If you do have an account then then you are one step ahead of everyone else. One of the best ways to utilize Instagram is through videos. You can share a quick message and will show up to all of your followers.

If you are trying to figure out some creative ways to get more followers on Instagram, check out this video.

Video courtesy of: 10Everything Youtube Channel

Do you have any tips or tricks that you can share on how to get more followers on Instagram?

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Kyle Nelson

29 Responses to 10 Ways To Get More Followers On Instagram

  1. Nile says:

    I ‘m active in a group called Awesome Bloggers that has a weekly thread for following on Instagram. I also like to tag my pictures, which at the moment is more about my nails than anything else. I don’t use it to market from, despite the fact I have some plans to. Effective and clever tagging is definitely important.
    Nile recently posted…When Leaving the Internet Marketing Lingo At the Door Is BestMy Profile

    • Kyle Nelson says:

      I agree Nile, I think tagging your photos with targeted keywords is a great way to drive some traffic. Instagram is difficult for myself. I like to use it as a personal place to share photos with friends and family, but i get people following me from my blog and other projects. Got to figure out a good strategy to utilize it.
      Kyle Nelson recently posted…10 Ways To Get More Followers On Instagram My Profile

  2. Hi Kyle,

    This came just in time for me. I just opened an Instagram account last week. I filled out my bio, looked for followers and followed them and posted a picture a day so far.

    I do need more training because I am getting all confused with the apps I need. I’ve downloaded some, but it didn’t configure with my Iphone (Dugh!) But I’m getting there step by step.

    Still a bit of a struggle because I’m new to it, but I do understand the concept which is the same as using social media but with a more personal twist.

    I know I do have to be on this platform for business purposes because it is growing like wildfire!

    Thanks again…loved that video you made!

    donna merrill recently posted…Learn To Blog Your BrandMy Profile

    • Kyle Nelson says:

      glad you jumped on the Instagram band wagon! I will make sure to follow you. A good website to use is Iconosquare.com. You can easily find followers on their that you can target and manage your whole account online. Instagrams website lacks a lot of tools, they want you to use the app. Iconosquare is a great alternative.
      Kyle Nelson recently posted…10 Ways To Get More Followers On Instagram My Profile

  3. Lucy says:

    Great post with lots of good tips.

    Instagram is definitely a platform I’d like to do more with. I work mostly in the food industry and it’s great for that.

    Another way of getting more followers is to promote your instagram account via other social media accounts – and if you have a local business don’t forget to use local hashtags, e.g. your city name.
    Lucy recently posted…Tips For Using Pinterest For Business [The Saturday Infographic]My Profile

  4. Kyle, I am so happy you posted this info and video on using Instagram! I have been posting on it for several months now and I love it! I’m still learning more about how to use it and I haven’t figured out how to tag and share other users posts yet but I do enjoy seeing what everyone is posting. Thanks for the helpful tips!
    Shelley Alexander recently posted…Top 10 Surprising Uses for Diatomaceous EarthMy Profile

    • Kyle Nelson says:

      Glad you liked the post Shelley, I thin Instagram has a lot of potential if you can create a solid brand around it. I like using it for personal reasons as well. I am about to launch an account for the business side of me but brand it as an informational account for entrepreneurs and not really have anything about me. Then monetize it from there :)
      Kyle Nelson recently posted…10 Ways To Get More Followers On Instagram My Profile

  5. Hi Kyle,

    Although I do have an Instagram account, I do not use it. I only opened it in order to participate in a contest. I need to read more about creative was it can be used for business.
    Rachel Lavern recently posted…Are Tolerations Draining Your Energy?My Profile

  6. Leena Shah says:

    Hi Kyle, :

    This is a Great and Wonderfull Article Really Ammezing Your Work i like Your Post and Blog i am First Time Visit your Website But Reallu impress with your Blog Thanks For SHaring me Good stuff Keep it up ,


    Leena Shah
    Leena Shah recently posted…How To You Must Start Your BusinessMy Profile

  7. Hello Kyle, This was an eye opener for me Nope I am not on Instagram yet and did not know a whole lot about it before this. Not sure I am ready to jump on yet another site but do thank you for the great video and article.. Chery :))
    Chery Schmidt recently posted…Transform The Way You Communicate With OthersMy Profile

  8. Reginald says:

    Hi Kyle,

    Awesome video and came across this blog from another :)

    I do Instagram but not much due to my niche. However, Instagram is powerful. Doing it correctly can REALLY skyrocket your traffic, sales and leads without you know.

    Short and simple but straight to the point. Good job!

    Keep it up and definitely coming back for more.
    Reginald recently posted…3 Amazing Tools To Manage Social Media Accounts In One PlaceMy Profile

  9. Mark says:

    Thanks Kyle!

    I admit it, Instagram is definitely one of the areas in my marketing, that I’ve definitely dropped the ball!

    and do need t get up to date with it. But I do try and make up for it by really getting after it in other areas of my pro-active marketing funnel.

    There are just so many extremely viable ways to interact my with my target market, but I try and be (for the most part) where they are!

    So in the future, that definitely involves being far more pro-active on Instagram! Thanks!
    Mark recently posted…Three Incredibly Simple Reasons Why Your Business Isn’t As Productive As It And Should Be!Part TwoMy Profile

  10. I have an account on Instagram, but it’s not a social network that I’ve focused on. This is a great video with some good tips if I do decide to use it more.
    Leanne Chesser recently posted…The Real Reason an Authentic Blog Post is So ImportantMy Profile

  11. Sarah Arrow says:

    I’ve never really liked Instagram, although I can see it is one of the places where you can build a significant following fast! I shall make a little more effort with it, but I suspect it won’t ever pull me away from Pinterest!
    Sarah Arrow recently posted…Social Media: Why Targeting Your Market is CrucialMy Profile

  12. Siphosith says:

    Thanks for the post Kyle. I have just opened an account and am trying to figure out how to go about it, so this helped a lot.
    Siphosith recently posted…What’s a Lead Generation Website?My Profile

  13. Sue Bride says:

    I installed Instagram a couple of years ago but didn’t use it until recently. I still have a lot to learn but with so many other networking channels it’s hard to find the time.

  14. Siphosith says:

    I recently joined instagram and I am in the process of learning how it works and how it can be used for business. Thank you for sharing the different ways to get followers just at the right time. I like the use of popular hashtags.
    Siphosith recently posted…8 Reasons Time Management Will Help You Get More BusinessMy Profile

  15. Great. Now I’ll have so many Instagram followers.
    Paola Fuentes recently posted…Como Obtener La Visa a Estados Unidos FácilmenteMy Profile

  16. Heather says:

    I love hooking up with fellow bloggers and instagram users who share links … however, I have gotten MANY followers through hashtag use :D
    Heather recently posted…Don’t let construction come between you and good food!My Profile

  17. Thanks for a valuable post Kyle.

    My goal is to start using instagram this week – but then my hard drive is failing so that project got delayed. It is an exciting site and there are people all over the world checking it out regularly. Really good for business.


    Dr. Erica
    Dr. Erica Goodstone recently posted…Do You Know The Secret For Creating A Long Lasting Happy Relationship?My Profile

  18. Heather says:

    I just discovered Chalene Johnson’s Instagram boot camp and that has helped me grow my brand as well!
    Heather recently posted…It would be easier to give up … BUTMy Profile

  19. Hi Kyle, I used Instagram for awhile last year, but for my niche, I found it to be a lot more work that it was worth it for me. It’s a great social media site for some niches though!
    Julieanne van Zyl recently posted…Then There was Mud,Mud, and…More MudMy Profile

  20. Thank you for a great post. I have been trying to build my Instagram. I mainly use it for personal use, but am working on integrating my business pictures. I am starting to enjoy it more than I did when I first started.
    Becky Ryan- Willis recently posted…The Andromedans by Elizabeth Lang Guest PostMy Profile

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