Common Excuses – Why We Are Still Not Creating A Start-up?

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If we are to turn back time way before the mechanization age, we would realize that the way of earning and making a living, by default, isn’t through a job – it is by farming. This fact clearly suggests that the current ways of doing our bread and butter are just temporary. So what’s ahead?

The next obvious step could be creating start-up. But do you think it is the right time to start one now? Well, let is take a look at the common excuses why we aren’t to and assess our feelings, objectively.

Too Young.

It has been said that 27 is the median age of many start-up founders. However, age isn’t proportional with maturity. It is important to take into account that being too young isn’t just about the biological age, it should come with acceptance of responsibility. How do feel when someone criticize your works and ideas? Do you respond with agreement or complete argument? A kid is likely to respond either. But an adult would surely want to find out the reasons why.

Too Inexperienced.

Getting an experience on something can be the ultimate chicken-and-egg dilemma. There are two ways to obtain the necessary experience. One is to work for someone else, second is work for your own. However, a start-up doesn’t require you to work for someone else at all, it just need you to work for your own. So the smartest way to get experience in start-ups is to begin one.

Not determined enough.

Self-determination alone will not make you any better at something. When you wanted to get good at something, you need to act and make it a habit in order to perpetuate the sequence of your mental action. You will need to have sets of knowledge, skills and then, beliefs. In start-ups, there are no set rules, all you need is your own talent and belief to gain knowledge and work on. When a little self-determination is added to your skills and knowledge, you can go a long way in start-ups.

Newbie in business.

Do you ever realize what it really means when people say that they really know about businesses? Technically, a start-up is a new venture with a set of new business models so there is no way that someone deeply understands about these ventures. Newbie in business? Everyone is. So it is perfectly fine to be a newbie, just be ready to be the first person to find out.

No co-founder.

It is a fact – start-up’s are generally demanding and stressful. It can consume a whole lot of you. Practically sounds like life. Commonly, we go through life with someone. So why would you even go through a start-up alone?

No idea.

Many of the great ideas are free, they don’t cost much to have one in mind. Many in start-ups are changing their ideas along the way so if you are starting with a not-so-great idea, there’s always a good opportunity to make them better along the way. That’s what it is like in most start-ups.

No room for start-ups.

As some gawkers comment there are a lot of start-ups nowadays. This is just like saying there are a lot of people trying to solve the problem of the world. We should say, the world has enough problems, as there are plenty of people who are willing to develop a start-up.

Family to support.

While, generating a revenue for the first while could be impossible in most start-ups, a lifestyle with revenue free might not be feasible for those with families to support. But there’s always ways through. One is exploring in immediate income generation activities such as creating a paid product or consulting.

Independently wealthy.

There are very few people who find it an issue to become very rich that it prevents them from engaging into start-ups, few are. For these people it could be another challenging experience to work with those aren’t so wealthy.

Afraid of commitment.

A start-up will deprive you of personal freedom, if it is what you highly value in life right now, don’t engage in a start-up. However, this also means you mustn’t get a job either. When you become successful in a start-up, you will find another version of your own freedom, for example the freedom to create new products and provide products to many people.

Need for structure.

Many of us prefer to get a job and work our ass off, these will give us structure. Well that’s a good euphemism but it would mean that you really need to work for someone else and be told what do do in order to survive. If this is you, we suggest not to do a start-up. Just remember that even great jobs and positions wouldn’t let you know what needs to be done so why not look for a structure instead?

Fear of uncertainty.

In a start-up, there’s not much of the unknown – most of these already failed but some don’t. To engage in a start-up is to be fully prepared and aware for what’s coming, but always hoping for the best.
Til’ Next Time,


Kyle Nelson

17 Responses to Common Excuses – Why We Are Still Not Creating A Start-up?

  1. Hello Kyle, Oh Boy have you hit the nail on the head so to say with this article.. Each and every excuse you shared are so true, we all have excuses HUH?

    Great Share my friend.. Thanks Chery :))
    Chery Schmidt recently posted…3 Root Causes Stopping You From Succeeding OnlineMy Profile

  2. Mark says:

    Another excellent post Kyle!

    And who hasn’t heard more than our fair share of excuses over the years.

    You know, isn’t it a funny thing, that people often make a ton of excuses for not succeeding
    or for not doing and or even attempting this and that!

    But nobody ever makes excuses for succeeding!LOL! Kind of odd, don’t you think?LOL!

    Thanks for sharing another thought provoking article.
    Mark recently posted…How The Ultimate Insiders Power Network With The Right People So Your Content Becomes Magnetic!My Profile

  3. Kimsea Sok says:

    Thanks for sharing..! That is really nice article for business starting. Sure, I would agree with what you said. Everyone is newbie when he was starting the first of his business. Also, I am…

    I remembers when I start my first business online, I have no experience and direction. I just know that I want free. I start my blog on 2009 and I quite it in 2010.

    I learn from my mistake and I start a new blog again on 2013 and I have ready make my first thousand dollar at that time.

    A nice article
    Kimsea Sok recently posted…How to Start Best Small Business With BloggingMy Profile

  4. Hi Kyle,

    Love that list of excuses that are so common. Indeed, developing a start up is a huge commitment, but one that can be done. There is a lot to it, but once you start, it is like anything else.

    I find the most common reason is people saying that “it’s been done” and this is what I usually tell them. The analogy of a pizza store. If you live in a city, there will be at least one on every block…sometimes two. But why does a person prefer one over the other and becomes their loyal customer? It is the old KLT factor.

    So, if one wants to start up and the niche is full, there is enough of people out there that one can acquire.

    Just my take!

    Donna Merrill recently posted…The Blogging EntrepreneurMy Profile

  5. Yes, those who go against all the excuses you’ve described are the ones who get what they want and become successful entrepreneurs. Fear is what holds people back the most, I think.
    Julieanne van Zyl recently posted…It Sucks To Get Old….or Does It?My Profile

  6. You have given the formula for no more excuses.

    More people face fear of the unknown. No matter what. If you can conceive your details and write them down. The fear with not be as much. Then, knowing there are people, such as yourself. To mentor along the way. The rest is to be fun, exciting and a great adventure.

    Being consistent will payoff hugely. Never give up and seek console. Kyle, you have given all of us clarity on this subject. Thank you for making it happen for so many people.
    William Earl Amis Jr III recently posted…A Glance Into The Future!My Profile

  7. Heather says:

    I let a lot of these excuses to eat at me for years … then I got smart!

  8. Nile says:

    Need to add- not resourceful. A lot of things in business can stem from failing to be resourceful and creative. This could be the actual business, in where finding the right audience or going about how to reach them properly. It can be also about researching the right information. People who aren’t very resourceful, usually aren’t motivated enough to do research or pay someone to do it for them.
    Nile recently posted…5 Tips For Being Interviewed For a FeatureMy Profile

  9. Sonam Gupta says:


    As you share all excuse it’s really true.Mostly people said it.Thanks so much share this amazing post.Keep up your great work!
    Sonam Gupta recently posted…Happy Birthday Cards Images, Pictures Free DownloadMy Profile

  10. Hi,

    You share all the valid excuse.When we want to start up then we face many problems.So we should ready for face problems.This post helped us for make our mind to do anything.It is a best advise for us.I suggest my friends.
    Varija tripathi recently posted…Decorating Coloring Easter Eggs IdeasMy Profile

  11. Sarah Arrow says:

    Indeed! Why go through business start up alone? I’m blessed to work with my husband, I couldn’t imagine either of us succeeding with a start up if we’d have tried it on our own. I guess it makes or breaks a friendship
    Sarah Arrow recently posted…50 tips to help you have more marketing fun with PinterestMy Profile

  12. Tracy Thomas says:

    Face your fears and do it anyways is my modus operandi after many years of using those excuses. It does indeed take courage to strike out and form a startup but if you never try then you absolutely won’t know the freedom of taking that risk. Great post :).
    Tracy Thomas recently posted…Favorite Mobile Photo Apps – Periscope by TwitterMy Profile

  13. So many great points that you covered. I see many stumble because of many of the reasons you outlined. So many are afraid of failure; that they forget some of the most successful businesses came out of failures. Each day I wake up I just tell myself that today is another at a chance of succeeding. Thank you for a well written article.
    Becky Ryan- Willis recently posted…$40 Target Gift Card Giveaway (ends 5/3)My Profile

  14. Kyle, well done!

    You have shared your perception based on your experience of setting up a “Start Up”. I respect your sharing this quality outline.

    Most people do not understand, having someone with experience in the areas you lack. Such as Co-Founder. Just to give investors and others. A confident feeling to back and support you. The growth period is five years.

    Now, that is hard and not something that will have many bright moments. You will have to perceive it as a great adventure. Yet, it is and will be.

    Thanks again for allowing us to have a outline to consider. Hey, it works the same when Start_Ups are looking for people to market their products and services. Give it some thought and remember. The growing pains is little to not gain of revenue. It is an establishing period. Yet, five long years. Yet, it goes by fast when you are one who is involved.
    William Earl Amis Jr III recently posted…Start Sharing and Stop PitchingMy Profile

  15. Hi Kyle,

    Start ups are the way to go. If I didn’t have my husband working with me side by side all day long, I would have to find a buddy.

    One cannot do it all themselves…it takes so long!

    Donna Merrill recently posted…Early Mover AdvantageMy Profile

  16. Zach says:

    I wonder how many great products and services we’re missing out on because someone who would otherwise have done a start up let one of these excuses get the best of them.
    Zach recently posted…Traumatic Brain Injury in Car AccidentMy Profile

  17. That list of excuses looks familiar… I’m pretty sure I’ve seen them used for other things as well. ;)

    Kyle, if you will excuse my ignorance… all the other commenters seem to know, but I don’t… what on earth is a startup??
    Willena Flewelling recently posted…“What’s in the box, Mommy?”My Profile

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