The Good And Bad Habits Of Smart People

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Habits of Smart People

I thought that this Infographic was very interesting. Sure having a high IQ means your are “smart” but doesn’t mean successful. We all know a handful of people that if they would apply themselves better they could probably obtain any goal that they set for themselves. Well, maybe if the would start off with following these good habits and let go of some of their bad habits they may have a chance!

This Infographic states that smart people have the following habits:

  • They Set Goals – they keep the future always in mind and never give up. By setting and then striving for goals you will always have something to work towards.
  • They Read – reading can benefit us in more ways that we understand. Not only is it great for our brains but it also increases concentration, focus and patience.
  • They are Self-Disciplined- in the Infographic it links having self-discipline to being a virgin. I suppose that shows self-discipline but I think I could have thought of a few other things to relate it to.
  • They Think about Thinking – metacognition is something to really think about isn’t it?
  • They Tend To Drink – Don’t we all?
  • They Use Drugs – I would like to know which drugs in particular they are referring to. I wonder if it has anything to do with their IQ level? That is a whole other debate now isn’t it!
  • They Are Night Owls – I know we need our sleep but I don’t think being a night owl is a bad habit. Sure our brains go into sleep mode at night but I think working at night is an alright thing to do.
  • They Are Anxious – story of my life . . .


I thought this was just a fun Infographic to share. I am not sure how much I agree with some of it but I guess facts don’t lie.

What are our thoughts on the Infographic?

What do you think some other good and bad habits are?

What makes a smart person? A high IQ?

Til’ Next Time,


Kyle Nelson

15 Responses to The Good And Bad Habits Of Smart People

  1. Sue Bride says:

    I wonder if this indicates that smart people are more willing to admit their weaknesses and answer questionnaires honestly :-)

    I was particularly interested in the stats for goal recording and sharing as I have read a lot lately about the benefits of having an accountability partner.
    Sue Bride recently posted…How To Encourage Pinterest PinningMy Profile

  2. Gagan Masoun says:

    Great Infographic about smart people’s Good and bad habits. I appreciate it.

    Gagan Masoun recently posted…Step by Step Guide: Convert Your Pinterest Account to a Business AccountMy Profile

  3. Yes Kyle, those a great observations not to leave out seekers of high goals. Never allow your mindset to be limited. It is all in the way you perceive things. Any challenge or situation must be viewed by your focused though with knowing all things are possible if you can learn to visualize the end result and process to get there. Break it down into 3 steps and it always works.

    Great share Kyle and I will make it a habit to share my gratitude each day for those who have and are in my life.
    William Earl Amis, Jr. III recently posted…Transparency Today!My Profile

  4. Hi Kyle,

    When it comes to this, there are so many variables that must be considered. I’m not sure if we can rely on this or not.

    Overall, it does make good sense. Bad habits lead to negative things. Good habits will help us grow.

    For me, I think that going on life as a journey of learning and self improvement will cause good habits to grow.

    That’s my two cents :)

    donna merrill recently posted…Why Updating Your Blog Is ImportantMy Profile

  5. Hey Kyle, Thanks so much or sharing this – I always find studies like this fascinating. Several of these points fly in the face of current research – for example the one about 76% share goals with friends. More and more studies are finding this actually lessons the chance of success. Anyway, for what it’s worth I’m afraid I don’t place much faith in findings like these because having spent most of my life in marketing I’m all too familiar with how to manipulate data and surveys. The most commonly used way is to simply limit the response choices so that participants are virtually led in the direction of the hypothesis one wishes to prove.
    Marquita Herald recently posted…On Becoming the Person You Aspire to BeMy Profile

    • Sue Bride says:

      “76% share goals with friends. More and more studies are finding this actually lessons the chance of success”

      I am interested on finding out why this is Marquita. I would have thought sharing goals would motivate you to work towards them.

      I studied Statistics and agree about data manipulation.
      Sue Bride recently posted…Unique UGI Payment SystemMy Profile

  6. Heather says:

    this is so dead on … lol
    Heather recently posted…F – Family BondingMy Profile

  7. Mark says:

    Hi Kyle!

    I just found your excellent post while I was posting a comment on my coach & mentor Donna Merrills blog!

    Your infographic points out some very revealing statistics about people with rather high IQ’s.

    Like for instance, who would ever suspect that simply by reading just 15 minutes per day!(That’s everyday people!)

    That you’d be exposed to a total of one million words by the of the year!!It just goes to show how powerful and effective consistent effort in anything can be!

    And the smart people use these activities (aka)good habits to ultimately succeed!

    And those that fail! Use their habits to practically guarantee their ultimate failure!

    Thank goodness, yours truly is trying to emulate the winners such as yourself and mentor Donna Merrill!

    Thanks for sharing!
    Mark recently posted…Three Really Simple Ways To Increase Your Targeted Website Traffic In Seven Days Or Less!My Profile

  8. Hi Kyle. Loved the infographic. And I have know two people in my life who have genius IQs (won’t name names) who haven’t really accomplished much. There is so much more to success than IQ. I’ll have to examine the successful traits to see where I need to improve. Not many bad habits except the night owl thing, but I do sleep 8 hours. Thanks for this post.

    All the best,
    Leslie Denning, The Home Biz CEO
    Leslie Denning recently posted…Up the Beanstalk, Part 3My Profile

  9. I thoroughly enjoyed this infographic – what fun to think that they’re drinkers & druggies – whoda thought???

    On a more serious side – the thinking about thinking, goal setting and reading – great reminders about what’s important

    Nightowl isn’t too surprising – the yin to the yang of the early bird (meaning really early bird)… it’s working when the world is quiet and there is nothing to disturb you – it’s when flow happens and you find yourself just breezing along with no idea of the time

    I really appreciated the contrast between things that probably have zero correlation to their success along with things that probably have a very high correlation. Much more humanizing than the usual article on 5 things that every successful person does.
    Marty Diamond recently posted…How Important Is Responsive Design For Website Conversion?My Profile

  10. Holly says:

    Interesting infographic! Must say that I agree with some and with others, I’m a little surprised.. however, as you say facts don’t lie!

    I think that hanging around with the right type of people is a good one.. it’s tough to hang out with those that don’t believe or agree with that you believe. It’s important to have like minded friends.

    I think that the person needs to be persistent as mentioned but have a burning desire to get where they want to go… a strong why….
    Holly recently posted…Why Workout?My Profile

  11. Amiti says:

    Hi Kyle,

    I really enjoyed the infographic, although I don’t think drugs are necessary…Also, I’m not sure that some of the most intelligent people set goals, rather they just set out to explore and learn. Those two characteristics are prevalent in any smart person. Smart is not just “book smart”.

    Thanks for sharing this.
    Amiti recently posted…Feedweb Launches your New Favorite WebsiteMy Profile

  12. Hi Kyle,
    I like the brief break down of the inforgraphic you provide at the beginning.
    Yes, there is so much we can learn and how amazing life could be if we would implement it all!

    Thank you for sharing this!
    Love and Light
    Yorinda Wanner recently posted…Super Better introduction to the Game for getting betterMy Profile

  13. Dan Brusca says:

    I don’t know. Sounds like a control freak to me. I know a lot of smart people who are not high strung.
    Dan Brusca recently posted…AbombMy Profile

  14. Kyle,

    As one who does my best work past the hour of 10 PM and way beyond, I am happy to hear that smart people tend to be night owls. As far as drugs and drinking, I would say that coffee is my drug of choice – keeps me stimulated and awake, but I don’t drink it late at night. Food is my other drug – soothes my nerves and helps me to think more clearly. I read a lot, study new things all the time, and I’m quite self-disci0plined. However, I’m not sure if I think about thinking. So I guess I’m smart, but not that smart.

    Good infographic and fun to use as a way to evaluate myself.


    Dr. Erica
    Dr. Erica Goodstone recently posted…Movement and Change – Can Your Relationship Survive?My Profile

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