iPhone 6 Clone Unboxing!

iphone 6 clone
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With so much hype around the latest release of the iPhone 6 there are always going to be Entrepreneur’s out there to try to monetize on the hype and popularity of rumors. This includes internationally where manufacturing companies in places like China are making iPhone 6 clones and sending them out to people for reviewing or general usage because some people simply can’t wait for the real thing. If you do a simple Google search of “iPhone 6 clone” you will find several sites selling clones but have changed the name of the phone for trademark reason I would imagine.

Here is a video from one of my favorite YouTube channels reviewing a clone and talking about what we most likely will see in the new iPhone 6.

I personally just upgraded from an iPhone 4s to an LG G3. I was starting to get bored of the iPhone UI and experience and it was time to change it up. I had a lot of people surprised I did that because, well you could say I am an Apple fan boy. I am extremely happy with my decision and have became a huge fan of the LG G3 and the current Android experience. Who knows though, if this new iPhone is really a step up from the current experience I may change back over but it’s doubtful since they have already announced ios 8 and for me it was not a big enough change to really care.

What do you think of the iPhone 6 clone? Do you think you will be upgrading to the next version of the iPhone?

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Kyle Nelson

5 Responses to iPhone 6 Clone Unboxing!

  1. Nitin Balodi says:

    Yes you are right to a great extent when you talked about the way bloggers are spreading rumors about the upcoming Apple’s flagship device. I think some of them (bloggers) are even motivated by Apple to create a hype among the users and its customers.

    Now coming to your second question – I think I will not buy iPhone6. I have been an android fan for a long time. Some of my friends use iOS and they are going to purchase it, whenever it will be launched and may be after their experience with iPhone6, I will form an opinion about purchasing it or not.
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  2. I have to admit Kyle, I don’t have any version of the iPhones and never have had one. I’ve been purchasing Samsung. I do know something about clones though – my daughter purchased a very inexpensive phone, with no brand name. And, it’s just like a Samsung – the only thing “wrong” with it, is the battery needs recharging more frequently than most phones.
    Julieanne van Zyl recently posted…How to create a small sign up form on Aweber AutoresponderMy Profile

  3. Hi Kyle,

    Although I am quite tech savvy, I don’t know anything about Apple products. I am talking never even laid hands on them. Everyone that knows what I do for a living finds that incredible LOL.

    I contemplated purchasing an iPhone when it was first released; however, someone who knew that I was unfamiliar with Apple talked me out of it.
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  4. Nile says:

    I’m pretty certain I won’t ever be using a Mac product unless it’s guiding someone through an issue at a conference. I’ve touched an iPhone once. I’ve been using Windows or Android phones. I’m on a Samsung Galaxy Centura at the moment.

    It’s interesting all the knockoffs out there. I wonder if they are really getting away with this without infringing on licensing… because we all know Apple loves to sue… lol
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  5. Kyle Holcomb says:

    Hello Kyle,

    I have always been a fan of the Apple products and the Iphones. I had the 3, 4, and 4s phones before I switched to my Samsung Note III. The rest of my family still uses the Iphones and I still enjoy getting on them every once in a while. Thank you for sharing this!
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