My Thoughts On The Success Indicator

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Successful People vs. Unsuccessful People

I have seen this inforgraphic of the Success Indicator floating around on many social media sites in addition to several blogs that I personally enjoy reading. I thought the characteristics were interesting for successful and unsuccessful people. I would say overall I agree with both sides but there are a few that I look at differently

For example: “unsuccessful people fear change”. I think it is perfectly OK and healthy to fear change in life, might not be productive to avoid it but fearing it is OK. I know recently there was a large change in my life and I had anxiety and plenty of fearful thoughts about it but I don’t think that means it is an unsuccessful trait. I think a better way to put it is “unsuccessful people avoid change”.

Another one that I don’t agree with is “criticism”. Sure criticism typically is not productive but it can be and it doesn’t always have to be mean or negative. If you are close enough with a friend, business partner, employee or client, some constructive criticism is very healthy. Of course make sure it is productive and constructive criticism and it isn’t something you wouldn’t say to that person already.

I really enjoy the idea of a “to-be” list. This is a great way to think about where you want to be in the next 1, 5 or 10 years and then plan on how you want t get there. I know I will be utilizing that “success indicator” myself but have a description below each “to-be” on how I am going to get there.

Traits of Successful People

Here is a list of the above characteristics so it is easier to read:


  • Has a sense of gratitude
  • Compliments
  • Forgives others
  • Gives other people credit for their victories
  • Accept responsibility for their failures
  • Reads everyday
  • Keeps a journal
  • Talks about ideas
  • Want others to succeed
  • Shares information and data
  • Keeps a “to-be” list
  • Exudes joy
  • Sets goals and develops life plans


  • Has a sense of entitlement
  • Criticizes
  • Holds a grudge
  • Takes all the credit of their victories
  • Blames others for their failures
  • Watches TV everyday
  • Says they keep a journal but really don’t
  • Fears change
  • Thinks they know it all
  • Operates from a transactional perspective

I do know for a fact that there was a few eye-openers and great ideas that I received from this inforgraphic and it will be a great way to keep me on track for a positive and productive outlook to the future. ;)

Tell me if you agree or your thoughts on this infographic.

Til’ Next Time,


Kyle Nelson

20 Responses to My Thoughts On The Success Indicator

  1. Great work Kyle,

    You have a great insight for one so young you will go far

    Mikee Likes IT!

  2. Marion Baker says:

    Hey Kyle,
    I have seen this before and I never get tired of looking at it. It tells me I am on the right track to success!
    Thanks for posting it!

  3. Hey Kyle,

    I pretty much agree with both sides except for the TV. I have mine on all of the time. It helps drown out the tinnitus.

    I’m not sure I’ve seen this particular infographic but I will be referring to it from now on.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Monna
    Monna Ellithorpe recently posted…For You – Create Yourself Writing WorkshopMy Profile

  4. Hey Kyle! I love this infographic! I love hos you stated to make a “to-be” list. I have never heard it put this way before and it does make so much sense. we make a “to do” list why not a “to be” List! I am going to start using this. Thanks for sharing my friend!! Chery :))
    Chery Schmidt recently posted…For Online Success Be Sure To Ask For The BusinessMy Profile

  5. YES, YES, YES…

    Words that sprint immediately to mind here are, BEAUTIFUL, POETIC and WISE. Thank you so much for going beyond “face-value” and adding your IN-SIGHT a.k.a. your feelings from within.

    Particularly like your pointing out “Criticism”. Since that had a negative connotation for me – I am surely not alone – I found that the simple change to asking for a “critique” took away the negative energy and left me open to receive in-sights I would have cut myself off from.

    More POWER to YOUR Vision

    Peter Pocklington recently posted…Your Mind Is Made To OrderMy Profile

  6. Sarupa Shah says:

    I take these infographics with a pinch of salt…they gain popularity but are as good as nursery rhymes…success is an inner experience which will influence the outer influence, there are of course compassionate and positive mindsets and behaviours that keep energy and frequency a higher vibration but they are not a condition for success in my opinion … great food for thought Kyle!
    Sarupa Shah recently posted…5 clues to reveal how you limit your business successMy Profile

  7. Interesting infographic, Kyle.

    It’s good to consider both the things that you need to do, and to avoid, to be successful.

    I agree with you that criticism is actually a positive ingredient toward success. Even when it is mean-spirited, a true entrepreneur should always carefully consider the merits of any criticism that comes his/her way. That’s the way toward real success.
    David Merrill 101 recently posted…What Traffic and Conversion Strategies Do You Use?My Profile

  8. Kyle, This is my first time seeing this infographic and it’s really interesting! Thanks for adding your own insights to it and I agree that constructive criticism can actually be helpful.
    Shelley Alexander recently posted…10 Incredible Turmeric Recipes You Must Try!My Profile

  9. Alli says:

    According to the inforgraphic, I’m well on my way! And I’ve always had “to do” lists and goals, but never thought about having a “to be” list. I will start to work on that immediately.
    Alli recently posted…My Top 8 Makeup TipsMy Profile

  10. Hi Kyle,

    The list of “unsuccessful” people is sure on target. I know many that say “I’m gonnna…” and have noticed that they love to criticize, Do the blame game all the time, blaming everyone and everything for not forging ahead.
    They sometimes are the “know it alls” But the biggest factor behind all these excuses they give themselves usually is fear.

    I have met many in my journey and can tell quickly weather or not they will start a business or will hold back, making excuses while they watch TV all day.

    I don’t mean to sound harsh about it, but it’s the truth. When working with people, I look for these traits and if they are not willing to change BEFORE I will accept them as a client, I just don’t.

    Keeps my business running smoothly.


    donna merrill recently posted…Blogging for MarketersMy Profile

  11. The big one is blaming others which I see everyday. It makes me not understand why people are not grateful?

    More people who see that everything in their life is what they made it and never to late to change. If we take responsibility for our choices and the end results. Life is more of a great adventure than hopelessness and fear.

    Thank you Donna for keeping our minds open to unlimited possibilities.
    William Earl Amis, Jr. III recently posted…Getting Started – First Fundamental ActivityMy Profile

  12. Holly says:

    I agree with you about the avoid change… Successful people may fear the change but they get up and do what they need to anyway ~face the fear. I like you info graphic.. but the list I can use quicker!! I think I have too many people in my circle of influence though who are stuck in that unsuccessful list…
    Holly recently posted…So How’d I Get Like This?My Profile

  13. Hi Kyle. I have a copy of this infographic, and I agree that it’s a good one. I think that a lot of successful people tend to look outward, while unsuccessful people are more focused on themselves. The success list belongs on the bulletin board so that we can continue to develop traits that will take us higher.

    All the beset,
    Leslie Denning, The Home Biz CEO
    Leslie Denning recently posted…Why Empower Cash System?My Profile

  14. Sue Bride says:

    I think there should be a distinction between business success and overall success. There are those who are successful in business because they trample over others. I don’t consider them to be successful as people.

    If you are running a business yourself and it is you that deals directly with customers and clients then the Infographic success factors are valid.

    I wish that I received more constructive criticism to show me what areas to improve in. I agree about the fear in change. Some fear is normal and healthy. Getting the adrenaline flowing can help us take positive action rather causing us to run away from it.
    Sue Bride recently posted…Pay It Forward – PIF with UGIMy Profile

  15. I think there are several things missing from the list – persistence, ability to visualize, bottom line oriented – a little more ruthless than the image you get from the infographic. The successful person sounds like a very nice person – and someone who would build lasting relationships – not sure if those are the skills I’d select for building a successful business.
    Marty Diamond recently posted…How Important Is Responsive Design For Website Conversion?My Profile

  16. Hello Kyle. This is a very interesting infographic and a good tool to use when contemplating one’s own strategies to being successful, especially in business. One thing I might add to the infographic is that successful people seem to trust their own instincts and also have a good support network. I think that’s important whether defining success in business or one’s personal life.
    Karen Peltier recently posted…Which of These 10 Methods is the Best Way to Wash Your Produce?My Profile

  17. Justin says:

    It’s all true, it seems like successful people have life balanced correctly.
    One thing I would add to the unsuccessful list is procrastination. Procrastination can kill success in it’s tracks efficiently and effectively.
    Thanks for this!
    - Justin

  18. Hello Kyle,

    Thank you for sharing this infographic with your community. The key is to get people thinking – to help everyone move forward.

    Anyone who has a question or comment, good or bad can surely contact me at


  19. Jake M says:

    This infogragh is gives use a universal mindset of the two which attributes to human. To be successful, it’s all about how you think and act that will elevate you to heights you can only imagine. You can also choose to be unsuccessful, that is right too. This depends on how you define success.

  20. Mark says:

    Great list Kyle!

    Funny how the unsuccessful always seem to have the same basic make up! And it’s all sort of dark and sinister.

    Where as, the successful and typically sunny and warm! Their overall outlook is just different! Your excellent infographic pretty says it all!

    Thanks for sharing it!
    Mark recently posted…Why You’re Definitely Losing Money If Your Marketing Approach Doesn’t Include One Five Letter Word!My Profile

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